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So, you wake up one morning and you look atyourself in the mirror and you realized that you’re in a rut. You don’t know what had happened, but you’velost motivation, you’ve lost energy, you’ve lost your mojo.

In today’s video, gents, I’m going to giveyou ten tips, ten action steps so that you can improve your lifestyle, fast. Tip number one. Reward yourself frequently and make sure thatyour rewards are line up with your goals. Guys, this is simple gamification and I thinkit’s one of the most powerful things you can do to realign your life in the right direction. Go back and look at the game Metroid.

Does anyone remember this? So, as you go through when you play these games, you realized that every reward you’re getting they’re coming off and they’re coming frequently and they help you advance to the next level. So, I’m going to talk about a number of rewards here in future points and I want you to see as you can see how I’m leveraging these to get to the next step. Tip number two.

Wake up early which you’ve probably heard before, but here is my system. So, during the weekdays at 5:00 AM, on the weekends at 6:00 AM. Now, my reward when I wake up in the morning, a fresh cup of coffee. I’m allowed to have whatever creamers I want.

But, I kind of set this up because I don want to be drinking coffee all day, so I’m allowed to have as much coffee as I want until10:00 in the morning. So, you see I kind of gamify it because I have this window in which I’m allowed to have whatever coffees I want, but that does motivate me to get I look forward to my morning coffee. Now, another thing I do is go to bed early. That helps a lot. But, let’s say I got a bad night’s sleep and then I have an accountability partner who I’m going to meet with at 5:30. But, as you can see I’ve set up all these systems which help me consistently wake up early. Tip number three.

Try something new. Men, we are creatures of habit and oftentimes we get stuck in a rut because we’re just doing the same thing again and again. We really need to change it up, maybe it’s changing our shaving cream, maybe it’s getting a new razor, a new type of razor, maybe adding some color to our wardrobe. Whatever it may be, guys, look for to having something new to inject in your wardrobe to inject in your routine and try something new. And I know a lot of you guys don’t want to go out there shopping you don’t want to go out there and experimenting, you want something curated and brought to you. That’s why check a lot of my videos and I’m happy to bring you the sponsor of this video, Bespoke Post. Now, many of you guys have been asking me for over two years about Bespoke Post because there are some pretty interesting claims out there like that they deliver awesome in a box that they actually deliver $70 plus worth of value for $45.

And, you know, like Antonio is stuff real, what do you really think of this? So, let me show you a package they just sentme and why I think that they are an awesome deal. All right. So,

I’m going to open this one up and theyare it looks like they want to rebuild my dopp kit and my grooming kit. Okay, that’s cool. Let me check whoa! Hey, Blue Claw. So, I will tell you guys as soon as I sawthere was a Blue Claw piece of luggage in here, I’m like this is good to go. I have been to the factory, I recognize theworkmanship.

I know Adam and what he’s doing there. Then, I go in here and I’m like, hey, theseare not your average sample sizes. There are some other subscription servicesI mean literally you get the small containers. I mean look at that. I get all I mean that’s a full size shampoo.

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And then, I’ve got a looking at some other, bar of soap here and what is this? Hand face moisturizer. So, I think that’s a pretty cool container. And, again, what I love about these subscription services is it’s delivered right to your box. Now, what I love about Bespoke Post is you can turn it off. You can actually preview what you’re going to get and you can say, you know what I’m not into that. I don’t need that. I’ve already got a Dopp kit.

I’ve got everything cool there. Don’t bother sending it to me. But, what I really love about this is if you get the Blue Claw and you look at the cost of a Dopp kit, $62 guys.

That’s more than the cost of this one that came fully stocked. So, these guys are getting you a great deal. Definitely check out Bespoke Post. Use code RMRS for a great discount. Tip number four.

Go to the gym, exercise, go running, takecare of your body in the morning. Now, many of you guys have heard that before,but here is my system. So, I will go to the gym and as long as Iput one foot in the door, I am done. Now, 99% of the time I stay in the gym andI exercise,

but there have been times when I’m saying I just don’t feel like being here. Guess what? I accomplished my goal, no guilt I can go enjoy my reward which is the hot tub. They’ve got a nice hot tub at my gym and I love it. I’ll go in there for fifteen minutes.

And but the point is the vast majority of the time, I am actually going to work out. I’m able to play with my kids, I’m able to keep up with them. I can still keep up with my son when we’re out running. When it comes, you know, my wife loves the way that I have energy that I feel and that I look. Guys, make sure to take care of your body. Tip number five. Make time to read. Notice I didn’t say find time to read and I want you to read books. Yes, guys, books.

I’m not talking about blogs I’m not talking about magazines. I’m talking about those things that have been around for hundreds of years and do an excellent job of conveying deep information and really forcing you to think. Take really big ideas which can’t be conveyed a hundred and forty characters and they really get you to sit back and think.

I know when I’m reading books about business or about being a better parent, it’s something that it’s like, wow, this really just changes my whole view and that’s what reading a book will do for you. Tip number six. Eating better. Now, I know you guys have heard that before, but here are my simple rules for eating better. Don’t eat anything that comes in through your car window.

Don’t eat anything that you can’t pronounce. Don’t eat anything with corn syrup. Now, that last one actually I have fun with my kids because we add gamification. Notice how this keeps popping up? We go to the store and I’ll say, okay, well, let’s look at getting a jam or jelly or peanut butter and/or a piece of bread. Can you find a bread that doesn’t have corn syrup?

And actually make a game of it. When you add gamification to eating better, you’re going to find that it becomes enjoyable, it becomes something kind of fun and all of a sudden you change your habits. Tip number seven. Get and use a simple alarm clock. This is not an alarm clock, this is a phone and this is a temptation. You keep this in your bedroom you’re going to be up ’til 2:00 in the morning or your wife is next to you ‘

til 2:00 in the morning, both of you just checking the news and not even talking with each other. No. Keep this out of the bedroom, instead geta simple alarm clock that tells the time and wakes you up in the morning and that’s it. Tip number eight. Learn a new skill, do something that you’ve never done before.

Now, owning my own house and trying to doa lot of repairs on it, I can tell you that some of the biggest accomplishments and I’m proud of or just simple repairs on my house. Changing out the toilet, that was I was really proud of that. Now, it doesn’t have to be something that extreme or maybe that dirty and I wanted to share with you, guys, I wanted to check out this stuff from Bespoke Post. So, I’m going to show you right here this one is another package that they sent me and look at this right here.

I have to admit, I don’t know jack about beer. Now, everything they’ve sent me here, what I love is they clearly laid out the basics about getting into beer tasting. Hop Tasting Guide, I love this. When I’m going through this, I’m like, wow, this is really easily explained. Oh, and all of a sudden I’ve got these shops here which I can What I love about this is that they pointed out that you can just go get a Bud Light or something like that and you can use that to actually taste the hops.

I’m going through and I’m checking out the glasses and I’m realizing why the stem is there on the glass so that, you know, inadvertentlyactually heat up the beer, the way it’s shaped. All this was explained right in here. I got this bottle opener which is, you know,cool. Okay, another bottle opener. But, it’s got a sealer on it and I was like,oh, that’s awesome.

33 Bottles of Beer, look at this really coolbook. I mean I don’t know where I would find thisstuff. And, this is really nice and that’s the thingI love about this Bespoke Post, guys, is that they actually, I mean these are cool giftsto get. I’m going through pistachios and these coasters.

Guys, go check out Bespoke Post. I’m going to put a discount code down in thedescription. Great company. And, they actually, you know, I have to admitI don’t drink a lot, but now I’m kind of excited to taste what hops and to better understandthe stuff which, again, as you can tell I don’t know a whole lot here.

Tip number nine. Call the people you love and tell them that you love them. I know it seems a little bit, you know, kind of soft and mushy and hokey, but it is real, guys. If you want to get out of a rut if you want to feel better about yourself, improve your relationships with other people.

Study after study has shown that the relationships and the strength and the feelings that we have with other people have a huge effect on our feelings of how we feel about ourselves and having had this experience when you lose people suddenly. I can tell you that you need to if you have feelings for somebody you love somebody, then don’t be afraid to let them know because you have to prove that relationship you’re going to get you you can start to feel better about yourself, you’re going to get yourself out of that rut.

Tip number ten. Leverage partner and community support. Guys, you can try to go at it alone, but I can tell you that most likely you’re going to fail. What you need is a group of people around you. Cheerleaders supporting you, people that can give you information the right information when you need it at the right time. Mentors, find a partner, someone that maybe holds you accountable. Find someone that you respect that you can look up to that can help kind of point you in the right direction. People that are just simply may be saying, hey, you look great today, so you’re going to have the courage to dress your best. Guys, you want to have a community you want to surround yourself with positive people.

All right, gents, so now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments what did I miss, what action step would you recommend to a man to upgrade his lifestyle to improve himself to take steps in the right direction when he’s caught in a rut when he lost his mojo. And, guys, don’t forget to go check out BespokePost. I’m going to put a discount code down below in the description. You know people have asked me are they worth it, is it really awesome in a box and I have to say yes. The two boxes I received which I know they’reshipping out to people right now are freaking awesome.

Like I said the one has a value, it cost like$100 and it’s $45 plus with my discount code you’re going to even a bigger discount. So, guys, let me know what you think of BespokePost down in the comments below if any of you guys have experienced this. And, that’s it, guys. I’ll see you in the next video.

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